Are you buying a vehicle? Then a pre purchase inspection is what you require. Cars Mobile Mechanics will come out to the seller or dealers address and complete a comprehensive inspection including:


Cars Mobile Mechanics will inspect the operation of all seat & seatbelt mechanisms, door locks & levers, handbrake & footbrake travel, window & dashboard controls, interior lighting + a general overview of the upholstery.


Cars Mobile Mechanics will inspect the operation of all exterior lights, wipers and tyres for wear & defects. We will list any cracks or chips in front/rear windscreens or side vision mirrors and windows. We will inspect all body/panel alignment, test paint thickness on all metal panels + give a general overview on complete body condition.

Under body

Cars Mobile Mechanics will jack up the vehicle & inspect the front end including brakes, steering & suspension components for wear, damage & leakage, check for leakage of all fluid carrying components such as the engine, transmission, differential(s), fuel tank, pipes and flexible hoses, the exhaust system is checked and all under body components are checked for any road damage.

Road Test

Cars Mobile Mechanics will road test the vehicle to test drivability such as braking, steering & suspension characteristics, engine performance test (under normal road conditions & traffic laws), and listen for abnormal vibrations / noises e.g. noisy wheel bearings, noisy c.v joints, pulsating brake pedal, wheel balance shuddering, wheel alignment characteristics etc.


Cars Mobile Mechanics will then provide you with an invoice and report listing all abnormalities found upon inspection

Under Bonnet

Cars Mobile Mechanics will carry out a compression/balance test(if accessible) of the engine for internally worn or faulty components, pressure test the cooling system to check for internal or external water leakages from the cooling system, visually check for oil leakages. Carry out a comprehensive 12v battery, starting & charging systems test, inspect the drive belts, check all accessible fluid levels + condition of fluids, carry out a visual wiring inspection, inspect the brake master cylinder + power steering pump for external leakage, run the engine to check the running condition, listen for abnormal engine noises and carry out an exhaust smoke test. The latest diagnostic scanner then plugs in. A complete auto scan of all control units is carried out. e.g. Engine/transmission ECU,ABS,SRS etc. All diagnostic trouble codes are Stored & listed. We then give an overview of the Engine bay

All this from $329. A small price to pay for complete piece of mind!

NOTE: a pre purchase inspection is to let you know the “current” condition of the vehicle being inspected. Cars Mobile Mechanics holds no responsibility of vehicles condition at a later time. Cars Mobile Mechanics cannot comment on vehicle valuation or advise whether you should or shouldn’t purchase the vehicle. A pre purchase inspection is there to help you make the decision. If the vehicle is unroadworthy it will be stated on invoice/report & will not be road tested

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